Our Services

Since our foundation, our company has been able to work with hundreds of different companies offering several custom web development solutions specially catered for every one of our clients, all of them, with different needs and expectations regarding their websites.

We’re still creating solutions in order to satisfy every niche possible regarding web development for startups and small businesses, but we have a lot to start with. Some of our most hired services are:

Unique Web Designs

We have a design team ready to create sites which will have more visibility that you’re expecting to have.

Custom App Development Services

Either native or web-based, we’re famous for creating engaging and user-friendly apps in every field you can come up with.

Website Disaster Recovery Service

Our team has experts ready to take care of any fatal losses regarding your websites or your file directories.

Flash Apps Creation Services

KANET also offers different web solutions created in Flash especially catered for small businesses and startups.

It doesn’t matter what are you looking for, the only thing that matters is that with good communication, we can come up with many web solutions to satisfy your company’s needs. If you’re still hesitant about what type of web development you’re trying to get, call our team and we will be able to guide you through our full catalog of products.