Better than twice over: Wacker II and Wattens play home games

In the 2nd league the Tyrolean clubs are looking forward to two home games: The WSG Wattens receives Klagenfurt, the FC Wacker II meets the Blitzstarter of BW Linz.

Innsbruck, Wattens – “We are well prepared“. This is basically no surprise when the trainer is Thomas Grumser. The trainer of the Wacker foals is considered a perfectionist who avoids the “coincidence factor” like the devil avoids holy water.

So Grumser adjusted his young team yesterday with an intensive video study to today’s opponent BW Linz. An opponent, who not only knows well-known players (Manuel Hartl, Thomas Fröschl, Mario Ebenhofer …) in his ranks, but could show with a strong season start (two victories). After the duels with the Upper Austrian Juniors (3:0) and Amstetten (0:0), the Tyroleans will for the first time face a team that is expected to be placed at the top. “Above all, they are defensively very stable,” Grumser knows. Check here to know more about Mail Casino’s bonuses and promotions.

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Countering qualities

The Linz-based company with an average age of just under 25 would have the routine advantage anyway. “We will counter them with our qualities. That means: fast combinations and tactical discipline. The glances will also turn again to Matthäus Taferner, who had provided a lot of momentum after his substitution against Amstetten. Whether and which reinforcements there are from the Bundesliga squad was to be decided only yesterday evening. In any case, Grumser has to do without the long-term absences of Jeffrey Egbe (community service) and Clemens Hubmann (injured).

Grünwald calls in lawyer

The 1:2 defeat in Ried is at least sporty over for the WSG Wattens. Even if it “still hurts extremely”, as sports manager Stefan Köck confirmed yesterday. As far as the false headlines about an alleged arrest of Goalie Pascal Grünwald in various media are concerned, there is one aftermath: “Pasi has called in a lawyer”, Köck told yesterday. But back on the grass: the duel with Austria Klagenfurt will take place.

And that won’t be an easy task, because the rising star can certainly be trusted to become the surprise team of the league. “They have players with great experience,” says Köck, naming Sandro Zakany and Markus Rusek. “We will have to present ourselves like in the first home game (6:1 against Lafnitz, note) or the last 25 minutes in Ried. In the Innviertel, Milan Jurdik and Ignacio Jauregui, among others, were very close to the late equalizer.”

Personnel agony of the choice

But back to the violets from Carinthia. “Whether Klagenfurt is the strongest promoted player will only become clear after a few rounds. The fact is that they played strongly against Lustenau (1:1, note) and less against Blau Weiß Linz (1:3, note),” coach Thomas Silberberger, who today is spoilt for choice, knows. After all, only the further convalescent Felix Adjei is not available. In the 18-man squad, one or the other case of hardship cannot be avoided.

It will also be a question of cracking a Carinthian defensive bar. “We expect them to counter this,” explains Köck. “We have to fight back and disrupt the game,” Klagenfurt coach Frankie Polanz put his concept into words.